Jan 23, 2012

Post onto post :P

Assalamualaikum :)
Im trying so hard to make everyone around me be happy. But I think that makes it worst, hey seriously aku TAK PANDAI ENGLISH. Im trying, please dont laugh at me :') So what I wanna say just now? Forgot already -,- By the way guys, I cant wait to meet my lovely friends! Ahaakkss ;D Awesome! So many things that I wanna share with my friends about 'life in hostel'
Yeah im crying every night in one weeks! My eyes become bengkak2 and its look soo cute for me. Ahaakkss -,-

Hey guys you wanna know some secret? Actually, that picture NON EDITED okayhhh :D how come have that bokeh2? Its simple maaa, you gabungkn flash and sunshine BAHAHAAHA hancur BI aku aite? Nevermind, at least im try. Kan guys? Even im not good in english, but I really love english songs and movies. But tgk muka lah weyhh. Muka melayu msti hati melayu :P

Okay I love my dorm because really cool/cold inside that -,- LOL kawan aku simpan chocolate in her loker then chocolate tu tak cair pun. DERRR? haha, aku nk pijak lantai pun rasa mcm satu badan beku. BUT bila panas tu panas gilerrhhh wehhh -00-

What makes me wanna try to speaking?
First my teacher give me semangat!!!
Second Im jelous with kak maria yg speaking dia goshhh, british accent seyhhh :D
Third I WANNA TRY, for my examination to ;)

OH OH, you know what? my class really really supper dupper quiet! Damn really boring you know. Setiap kali belaja kan, kau dgr bunyi cengkerik je. What thee? Gilaaa ahhh! Skolah aku dkat dgn bukit tau tak? So dekat gak lah ngn hutan. Aku rasa mcm dduk dekat suasana hutan je -,-

Okay thats all, aku penat menaip. Home work tak buat2 lagi ni -,- Oh yeahh, gambar tu tak de kena mengena with all story that I morry too youalls . Ihikkk ;) see yaaahhh!

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